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Emergency Alert

Lake Corpus Christi is over 100% capacity. Officials are releasing water to accommodate more inflow. Learn more about the water release at

City officials have been closely monitoring water flow into Lake Corpus Christi due to recent rains in our western watershed area. As of October 11, lake levels reached 100 percent capacity. The most recent forecasts are predicting Lake Corpus Christi to exceed the capacity of the Wesley Seale Dam.

In order to limit downstream flooding of the Nueces River, reduce possible damage to the dam and maximize water storage capacity, officials have opened three floodgates on the Wesley Seale Dam.

Questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions. More details and helpful links can also be found below.

Water Releases Frequently Asked Questions

Nueces River Residents

At this time, the City has not announced any evacuation notices and will notify the public if the situation changes.

When flood conditions arise, the City and its partners work together to monitor incoming floodwaters using river gauges and other equipment to make responsible water release decisions. The City continues to monitor the situation with help from the National Weather Service which includes forecasts of potential flooding and monitor Lake Corpus Christi water levels.