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The Annual Business Plan and City Performance Report document the foundations of our work to build cohesive management systems for the City organization. 


Cohesive Management Systems

The City's Mission is "to deliver municipal services which meet the vital health, safety and general welfare needs of the residents and which sustain and improve their quality of life."  As we work to achieve this mission, we will employ fiscal discipline, continuous improvement, first-rate customer service and straight forward communications. In this work, we will tolerate no mediocrity.

Goals. Strategies. Tasks.

Each department has an annual business plan. They include Mission Statements aligned with the City's Mission, and supplemented with clear, concise mission elements providing more specificity. Plans serve to clearly communicate expectations and provide accountability and transparency for the work to be performed each year. They are built using a hierarchical structure of goals/strategies/tasks. Specific tasks establish expected outcomes, including due dates and individuals responsible.

We monitor task execution during the year using our Business Plan Monitoring System (QuickBase). Overdue tasks are routinely monitored by the Executive Team during the year. Each department has a "dashboard" summarizing current task statuses and highlighting overdue tasks.

Report on Performance

Our web-based City Performance Report (CPR) is built upon the structure of our business plans. The intent is to show performance for each department and to establish accountability for performance. Overall "Baseline lnformation" shows four-year annual trends for each department. Department Mission and Mission Elements are displayed, along with key goals, measures and associated actual performance results on annual, quarterly and monthly reporting periods.