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Barking dogs and sanitation complaints are a frustration to citizens and Animal Care Officers alike. When these complaints are made to CCACS, the City Attorney's Office is immediately involved.                       

The City Attorney's Office will send a letter to the offending party. However, it is important to note that, as the complainant, you will be expected to be a part of the City’s case against the owner if it goes beyond the initial letter. These situations cannot be handled on an anonymous basis and the City cannot be the complainant.

If the problem persists after the letter has been sent and additional complaints are received, an Animal Care officer will be dispatched. Unfortunately, it is common for an officer to run high priority, safety related calls first, and find no active violation upon arrival. It is helpful if you can record the barking dog and have a log of times of barking and duration. This will further assist in prosecution but is not required if there are other complainants willing to testify as well. To file a complaint about a barking dog or sanitation issue, call the Municipal Court at (361) 886-2500 or use the Online Nuisance Complaint Form.