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City of Corpus Christi

Electronic Bulletin Board

Airport BoardApril 18, 2018Agenda
Animal Care Advisory CommitteeApril 19, 2018Agenda
Arts & Cultural CommissionApril 10, 2018Agenda
Board of AdjustmentMarch 28, 2018Agenda
Building Code Board of AppealsMarch 20, 2018Agenda
Building Standards BoardApril 26, 2018Agenda
CC Aquifer Storage & Recovery Conservation DistrictApril 13, 2018Agenda
CC Business & Job Dev. Corporation (Type A)April 16, 2018Agenda
City Council's Youth Advisory CommitteeJune 13, 2017Agenda
Civil Service BoardApril 17, 2018Agenda
Civil Service CommissionApril 18, 2018Agenda
Clean City Advisory CommitteeMarch 08, 2017Agenda
Commission on Children & YouthApril 16, 2018Agenda
Committee for Persons with DisabilitiesApril 11, 2018Agenda
Community Youth Development Steering Committee (78415)April 19, 2018Agenda
Corpus Christi B Corporation (Type B)April 16, 2018Agenda
Crime Control & Prevention DistrictApril 18, 2018Agenda
Electrical Advisory BoardFebruary 08, 2018Agenda
Ethics CommissionApril 19, 2018Agenda
Food Service Advisory CommitteeMarch 20, 2018Agenda
Human Relations CommissionApril 05, 2018Agenda
Island Strategic Action CommitteeApril 03, 2018Agenda
Landmark CommissionFebruary 22, 2018Agenda
Leadership Committee for Senior ServicesApril 05, 2018Agenda
Library BoardApril 03, 2018Agenda
Marina Advisory CommitteeApril 02, 2018Agenda
Mayor's Fitness CouncilApril 19, 2018Agenda
Mechanical/Plumbing Advisory BoardFebruary 15, 2018Agenda
Museum of Science & History Advisory BoardJanuary 18, 2018Agenda
Oil & Gas Advisory CommitteeApril 13, 2016Agenda
Parking Advisory CommitteeApril 04, 2018Agenda
Parks & Recreation Advisory CommitteeApril 11, 2018Agenda
Planning CommissionApril 18, 2018Agenda
Retired & Senior Volunteer Program Advisory CommitteeMay 04, 2017Agenda
Senior Companion Program Advisory CommitteeApril 18, 2018Agenda
Sister City CommitteeMarch 05, 2018Agenda
Street Maintenance Fee Board of AppealsMarch 17, 2016Agenda
Transportation Advisory CommissionApril 23, 2018Agenda
Tree Advisory CommitteeApril 12, 2018Agenda
Water Resources Advisory CommitteeApril 19, 2018Agenda
Watershore & Beach Advisory CommitteeApril 05, 2018Agenda